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 Post subject: Showdown Recap for 9 Jan 2018 at BWW in ABQ
PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:41 pm 
Sir or Dame Postalot
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Showdown Recap for 9 Jan 2018 at BWW in ABQ

The Ragged Rascals are back in full-on competition mode now that the holidays are well past. The thirteen people in attendance for the game all came ready to play. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the Playmakers at our alternate location, the BWW on Montgomery Blvd. Battery issues have begun to wither down the number of fully functioning machines at this site. We were able to find 14 that had a chance of making it through the whole game, but even then, some of the boxes were acting suspiciously like saboteurs. BLZBUB fears we may have pushed this location “a bridge too far.”

Worn-up Round

1. A pocket square is the purely decorative equivalent of a: HANDKERCHIEF.
2. Which of these creatures is a fish? BREAM. {No, Abe Vigoda wasn’t on the list.}
3. If you’re rankled, you’re definitely: ANGRY.
4. The state of Washington is home to the ___ Islands. SAN JUAN.
5. Keening, a vocal lament for the dead, is most likely to be heard in this nation: IRELAND.
6. The Miracle of Coogan’s Bluff is a famous event in the sport of: BASEBALL.
7. Cladding is a method of: METALWORKING.
8. In what year did Bernardo O’Higgins become the Supreme Director of Chile? 1817.
9. What Lewis Carrol character frequently says ‘off with their heads’? QUEEN OF HEARTS.
10. What part of the world does Hermitage wine come from? FRANCE.
The team got eight of ten fully correct, but WU5 and 10 caused problems. A bad call derailed a bunch of folks on #5, and #10 resulted in a split.

Ground-down Round

1. In mathematics, topology is mainly concerned with the properties of: SPACE.
2. The subject of a protest song by Bob Dylan, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter was a professional: BOXER.
3. The original mentor is a character in: GREEK MYTH AND EPIC.
4. What city is the capital of the German state of Baden-Wurttemburg? STUTTGART. {We got a nice pre-call from LOONEY on this one.}
5. Which of these is an acronym for an electronic navigational system? SHORAN.
6. Fans of this team are celebrating today after winning the National Championship: ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE.
7. Which man was named three times as ‘Time’ magazine’s Man of the Year? FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT.
8. Which legal term means ‘the thing speaks for itself’? RES IPSA LOQUITUR.
9. In what century did Jonathan Swift write ‘Gulliver’s Travels’? 18TH.
10. Adam’s Peak is a sacred mountain in: SRI LANKA. {Splits}
11. Haider Ackerman has been called the new: YVES SAINT-LAURENT. {We may have coined a new expletive for missing a question. This was an “Ack! err, man.”}
12. Kosovo declared its independence from ___ in 2008. SERBIA.
The group did very well in this round until GD10 and 11 came along. We got back on track on GD12 to finish the round with 10 of 12 correct without the use of the third-clue save.

Scatology Round

S1. Architecture v U.S. GEOGRAPHY
In which state will you find the Catskill Mountains? NEW YORK. {Greek chorus}

S2. SCIENCE CLASS v 20th century novels
A photovoltaic cell is also known as a ___ cell. SOLAR. {JAX shone brightly on this one (Grammarians, feel free to weigh in on this comment.)}

S3. CURRENT SPORTS v 2017 business deals
Who was honored by the Associated Press as its 2017 Male Athlete of the Year? JOSE ALTUVE. {BLZBUB was the fastest to second base.}

S4. 20TH CENTURY NOVELS v architecture
English writer Daphne Du Maurier penned this 1936 novel: JAMAICA INN. {MEERA checked us in for the score.}

S5. 2017 business deals v SCIENCE CLASS
Morpheme is a term most often used in this field: LINGUISTICS. {DUFF, with the pre-called, proved to be a cunning linguist.}

S6. U.S. GEOGRAPHY v current sports
Big Bend National Park is located in the ___ Desert. CHIHUAHUAN. {BLZBUB and DUFF wetted our thirst for an answer here.}

The team scored an astounding six for six correct. Many of these questions produced questionable pre-calls. The team was able to shrug these off and get to the correct answers rapidly.

Frightening Round

1. The songs of Loudon Wainwright III are usually characterized as: FOLK.
2. The shank is the part of meat around an animal’s: TIBIA. {Broken bones here}
3. ‘All the Money in the World’ is a new film dealing with this wealthy family: GETTY.
4. Although coined in 1965, it is the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2017: YOUTHQUAKE. {Fooey! Another miss.}
5. Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is a former Governor of: SOUTH CAROLINA.
6. Something described as compendious would be: CONCISE. {Another miss. Damn it!}
7. The Landtag is the Legislative Branch of: LIECHTENSTEIN. {Good call here by TRI.}

The Rascals suffered a huge set-back on this round, missing three of the seven.

Py-Ram-It Round

P1. Peter, Linus, and Clement are three future ___ mentioned in the New Testament.
Choices: Kings, Hermits, Crusaders, Popes, Prophets
A: POPES. {DUFF pre-called this one before most on the team had time to read the question.}

P2. Born in England in 1772, Luke Howard is called the Father of:
Choices: Phrenology, Oceanography, Physical Geology, Meteorology, Horticulture
A: METEOROLOGY. {The dreaded 5-way split took command of this one.}

P3. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a breed of:
Choices: Dog, Cow, Rhinoceros, Pig, Cat
A: DOG. {TRI led the Greek chorus.}

P4. ‘Deaths and Entrances’ is a volume of poetry by ___ published in 1946.
Choices: John Milton, Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, Bennett Cerf
A: DYLAN THOMAS. {This resulted in a 2-way split between Plath and Thomas.}

P5. Thoth is an Egyptian god that is usually depicted with the head of an:
Choices: Alligator, Asp, Ibis, Elephant, Ostrich
A: IBIS. {BRICK makes the good call here.}

So, the team has returned to its average performance for this round, The Ragged Rascals got three correct, one 2-way, and one 5-way split. As a result, one box finished with 5 for 5; three boxes finished with 4 for 5; and ten finished with 3 for 5 correct. This was a truly ragged performance by the team.


What famous American avoided military service by paying a substitute to take his place?

1. William Jennings Bryan
2. Grover Cleveland
3. P.T. Barnum
4. Wyatt Earp
5. Mark Twain

The order of the eliminations was 5, 1, 3, and 4, leaving #2, GROVER CLEVELAND as the correct answer.

What can BLZBUB say? We had a strong suggestion from a known Civil War buff that the answer was most likely Barnum. This was the third choice eliminated, so many had to scramble just to get 30% of the points wagered for this question. The top box coming in went negative of this one. The boxes that came into the Final round scoring as #2, 4, 8, 10, 11, and 14 (of 14 active) finished in the top six eligible for the teams ranking.

The top individual scores for the night were 37413, 35561, 32333, 32320, 31538, and 31375 points.

The team’s average score for this game was 33,423 points.

The Ragged Rascals’ systemwide ranking was Thirty-Seventh Place.

The nominal top team was a Borg Bar. The top wetware competitor was Old Barn of Portland, OR at 54652 points. Next was the BWW of Oklahoma City, OK, with 52692 points. They were followed by The Fellowship of BWW in Kent, OH at 51631 points.
Honorable mentions go to Danny K’s of Orange, CA; Teaser’s of Chicago, IL; BWW New Orleans, LA; Stained Glass Pub of Elkridge, MD; and West Park Station of Cleveland, OH (who better not have missed the Final Tragedy question.)

While this was a tough game, quite a few locations managed to break the 50,000 point barrier. Congratulations to all of the teams out there who are confident enough in their ability to play “wetware-only.”

}}}--( (x) (x) )--->
Oh my gawd, they killed
Ken Z.
You bastards!

 Post subject: Re: Showdown Recap for 9 Jan 2018 at BWW in ABQ
PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:31 pm 
King or Queen Postsalot
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Well, hell... :|

S1 - ARCHITECTURE - Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect, designed this world famous musical landmark: SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE

S2 - 20TH CENTURY NOVELS - "A Walk on The _____" is a 1956 novel by American writer Nelson Algren. WILD SIDE
<--...cuing up Lou Reed... :)

S3 - 2017 BUSINESS DEALS - What billionaire recently agreed to buy the Cal Neva Resort in Lake Tahoe? LARRY ELLISON

S5 - 2017 BUSINESS DEALS - Private equity firm Sycamore bought this office supply chain in 2017: STAPLES INC.

S6 - CURRENT SPORTS - What college football team won this year's Rose Bowl game? GEORGIA BULLDOGS

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