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 Post subject: Truth and Consequence
PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:06 pm 
Sir or Dame Postsalot

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The Beloved Leader stepped out onto Big Itchy's front porch to light a cigarette and contemplate his sins. At the front desk he passed behind a very pretty young woman in whispered deliberation with one of the seating staff.

He had been in a bit of a slump lately, and had just completed a Countdown quiz to a score more than 2,500 points below his game play average. This despite the company he was keeping: Steve was a good player, as was Fiona; and Doc was elite. It would be a fine thing if he could blame Seasonal Affective Disorder or the state of Minnesota football, a favorite bugbear of his psychiatrist in Chicago, but even the most trivial things often have complex causes.

A large crossover vehicle was idling at the curb. The young woman who had been at the desk came out, tripping lightsomely down the steps, and the passenger riding shotgun lowered his window to ask, "So what's the story?"

"They say it's going to be two hours. There are four large groups ahead of us."

It was, after all, Saturday evening, on the eve of the Super Bowl being held in Minneapolis, no more than twenty miles away. Sean Combs was ensconced at the Holiday Inn Express up on US 52, and a few of his entourage were soaking up beers inside at the rail. But the Leader's meditations were disrupted by a loud lament from the same young woman who had just brushed past him.

"Aw jeez!" she cried. "Do I have to get into the trunk?"

By remote switch, the driver had indeed opened the trunk, and the pretty young woman hoisted herself inside. Again by remote, the trunk closed, and the crossover pulled away from the curb.

Such is the fate of the honest messenger these days, the Beloved Leader mused. Steve had just returned from Las Vegas, where he had spread $1,000 over ten separate wagers, all of them in favor of New England over Philadelphia. If the game turned into the blowout Steve anticipated, his money would triple. The Beloved Leader had no opinion regarding the outcome. Hard enough to discern the truth in matters of fact; still harder to discern the future; and then, there was the small matter of those often surprising consequences.

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